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Refund Policy of our Custom Assignment Help Website

Refund Policy

At Orderassignments.com we value our clients and because of this reason we have a unique refund policy. The company gives a chance to the client to obtain up to 5 revisions. If the customer is found to be unsatisfied after his work has been revised for 5 times and still his/her initial requirements are not fulfilled then the customer has the right to file a written complaint by contacting the customer support. In this regard the customer has to provide a proof of the documents for full refund that his work has been revised and still the initial requirements are not matched. Orderassignments.com will then have two options to serve the complaint of the customer

  • Assign another writer for your work so that your work can be handled effectively
  •  To refund all your money back. This option requires that the quality of work that we provide is not matched with your needs. The refund time is 4-5 business days and full refund money is equal to 90% of the order always. 

It depends upon Orderassignments.com to cater a full refund if there is a small delivery delay of your work or if there is a minor error in your work because these problems are not adequate to demand a full refund. Client also have the option to negotiate on other forms of refund such as partial refund or they can also avail discount on other current and future orders.

If any false payment has been made mistakenly from your credit card by us we ensure that we will take all required and necessary steps to refund your extra payment within minimum time.

The client has to contact Orderassignments.com directly in case there is any issue of dissatisfaction with the work or any other service provided. If within 14 days the issue is not resolved than the client may contact any arbitrator for adjustments. 

If the client has initiated the process of chargeback unknowingly than it will be considered as a deviation from contract and the conflict will be treated accordingly.