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Thanks a lot for choosing Orderassignments.com. Our aim is to cater all our clients with superb quality academic services and products. When you purchase an order from Orderassignments.com, we assume that “you” have agreed all the terms and conditions in our user policy. It is also assumed that we do not take any responsibility for your grades and our task is limited to provide you with an authentic reference document that is customized according to your given instructions. Further, when you accept these terms, this means that you have legally allowed us to take access to your credit card or account and receive the total sum of money that has been shown in your invoice. For your convenience, it is further advised that the usage of any stolen credit card is prohibited by law and if such case is found than it will be notified for further prosecution.  

Delivery issues can arise anytime when you have hired us for any services. We are not liable for any issues like spam filters, misspelled e-mail addresses, no internet access and any kind of general neglect. We work 24 hours a day and 7 days a week so you can always contact us in case you have any problems in delivery. It is also recommended that you must have updated software in your computer and your contact information must also be correct. We serve you with latest research based assignments but if you receive your order after the stated deadline, it is your right to request for a partial or full refund. Orderassignments.com reserves the right to accept or reject your request on case to case basis.   

We serve all our customers with free revision policy and in order to avail it you can request it after your delivery has been made within 14 days for small assignments and within 30 days if assignments are large. Your initial requirements of your assignments will be entertained free of charge if your request is within the mentioned time. After this time is over, it will be understood that you are fully satisfied with our work and your eligibility for free revision will be finished. You can always contact us for any revision issues if you have missed the deadline for a nominal fee. 

You can lodge a written refund request within 72 hours if you are not satisfied with the completed product. Cancellation of order can be done before your order is assigned to any writer. All refund requests can be submitted at our messaging system or e-mailed to us. Orderassignments.com reserves the right to approve or disapprove your refund request. We do not take any responsibility of missed deadlines in any of the following cases: 

     • You have not submitted order money on time

  • Order verification: It is requested in your interest to verify you’re billing information as soon as you place an order so that any fraudulent cases are prohibited.
  • Unclear Instructions: The instructions that you provide us must be very clear because your assignment is made on the basis of your instructions. It is requested to submit all your instructions as early as possible, if you want your work on time. After completion of your work, any “editing” work will be charged extra. 
  • It is advised to choose the correct academic level
  • Always keep a check on the messaging system 
  • If the order requires any kind of rare sources, it is your responsibility to submit them on time.

When your order is completed it is assumed that you have agreed upon all the terms and conditions and you require no additional guarantee for your work. The finished product that will be delivered to you will be regarded as a reference material for your original work. You can be contacted anytime by us for any notification about new services and offers. We are not liable to refund you any money if your edited document is found to be plagiarized. Customer has the right to use the finished paper for 6 months in any way. After this time the company will use the paper for their own purposes. After making your purchase, you agree that Orderassignments.com does not have any future liability against you.